I/O Coin Wiki

Store & Transfer Digital Art or File

Have you ever wanted to store a document securely without having to worry about someone hacking a server and getting access to your file? And do you want to be able to access that document from any computer? An encrypted and decentralized storage solution is what you need and that is exactly what I/O Coin has to offer. With I/O Coin you can store your documents directly on the blockchain without the need for unsecure smart contracts. You can upload any piece of data of up to 1MB per block to the blockchain but to make it easier to understand it is assumed that this ‘piece of data’ is a document.

Storing a Document

To start uploading a document you will need an encrypted DION, learn how to do that here. In the wallet, go to the DIONS tab find your encrypted alias and click the Upload File button.
An Explorer or Finder window will open in which you can browse to the file you want to upload, then click Open. The wallet will then show the file path so you can check whether you selected the right document and it also shows an estimate for the Network Fees.
After checking whether everything is correct select the box on the left and click Upload. You will now go back to the DIONS tab where a new button is shown now: the Download File button.
Clicking Download File brings you to the below screen where you can browse to the location you want to save your document to by clicking the Select Destination button and then Save.
As long as you have access to your private keys and a fully synced wallet you can access your files from any computer.

Transferring a Document

After uploading a document you can also transfer it to someone else. In order to do this you have to create an encrypted tunnel between two DIONS. To do that, go to My RSA Keys and find the DION you want to use and click the green Invite button. Type in the DION of the other party and press Enter. After a few seconds the other person will receive the invitation under the Invites tab. After they click Accept, you are set up to transfer the document to them.
Go to the DIONS tab and click on Encrypted Transfer.
After clicking Enter Address a green box will appear in which you can type the DION of the person you want to send your document to, then hit Enter.
If the DION you chose is not your own you will get a notification to warn you because transferring a DION is irreversible. If you are sure everything is correct, click OK. Now the wallet will calculate the Network Fees and if everything looks good, select the box on the left and then click Encrypted Transfer.
After transferring the alias you will no longer see it in the DIONS tab and you will no longer have access to it unless the other person transfers it back to you.
When you receive a document from someone else you can easily download it by clicking Download File and selecting a location to store it.

Video Tutorial

Watch below video for instructions on how to store a file on the I/O Coin blockchain.


Can I change the file that is attached to a DION?

Yes, you can but only as long as the DION is still encrypted by clicking Upload File. After making the alias public you can no longer upload another file to that same DION.

What happens if I make an alias with a document attached to it public?

As described above, after decrypting the DION you can no longer change the file that is attached to it but you can still download the file that is currently attached and you can also still transfer the alias, however, transferring the document is no longer possible.