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Register an Alias (DIONS)

After downloading and installing your wallet and setting up a password you can register an alias, also known as a DION. Before we explain how to register a DION we’ll explain what it is and what you can do with it. Alias and DION can be used interchangeably.

What is DIONS?

DIONS stands for Decentralized Input Output Names Server and it is a feature that does something similar to what DNS (Domain Name System) does. Like a website address (e.g. https://www.iocoin.io) is another name (an alias) for an IP address where the website is hosted, a DION is another name for an I/O Coin address. This is very handy in situations where you want to send IOC to a friend for example because you don’t have to remember their whole 34-digit public address, only their DION.

What else can you do with DIONS?

Besides the above-mentioned example you can also use your alias to store any document up to 1MB on the blockchain and if you wish you can also transfer the ownership of this alias to someone else and therefore transfer the document to this person. All of this is secured with an AES256 encryption. You can read more about storing and transferring documents here. A third use for aliases is that you can use them to chat with a friend via an AES256 encrypted tunnel so noone can spy on your private conversations. How do I chat with a friend you may ask? Read all about it here.

So how do you create a DION?

Open your wallet, unlock it and do either one of the following: - Go to the DIONS tab, then choose Create DION at the top-right corner, or; - Go click Create DION in your wallet overview. Now you are on the Create DION page, click the Choose an alias button, choose an alias you like and hit Enter. If your preferred DION is still available you will get an overview like shown below, if your chosen DION is already in use you will be informed of that.
Note: DIONS only accepts alphanumerical characters (a-z, 0-9).
Now, check the Everything looks good box and then click Create. Done! You have registered your own DION!
A newly created DION is encrypted by default but you can choose to decrypt it by clicking the Decrypt button in your DIONS overview. Encrypted DIONS can be used for file storage and transfer whereas decrypted aliases (also known as public aliases) can be used for receiving payments and chatting.
Do you want more information about what you can do with DIONS? - How to Send IOC to an Alias - How to Send Messages - How to Store & Transfer Documents

Video Tutorial

You can also watch below video on how to register a private alias.