I/O Coin Wiki

Send Encrypted Messages

With the I/O Coin wallet you can chat with other people with AES-256 encryption and fully decentralized. Also, chatting happens directly on the I/O Coin blockchain without the use of unsecure smart contracts.

So how does it work?

First, you and the person you want to chat with will need a public alias. You can read more about how to register an alias and how to decrypt it here. Now you will need to send an invitation to start chatting. To do that, go to My RSA Keys and find the DION you want to use to chat and click the green Invite button.
Type in the DION of the other party and press Enter. After a few seconds the other person will receive the invitation under their Invites tab. After they click Accept an encrypted tunnel between both parties has been created and you can start chatting.
Simply start chatting by going to your Address Book, click on the right contact and then click Chat.
Your friend will receive your message with the next block which is usually well within 60 seconds.

Video Tutorial

Below video also shows how to use encrypted chat on the I/O Coin blockchain using the HTML5 wallet.